BRG Concrete pipe lifting sling

Perfection you can touch.

This three-leg chain sling with self-tightening grips is perfect for lifting and transporting concrete pipes with a diameter between 1,300 and 2,300 mm.

The pipes may have a wall thickness from 60 to 150 mm, with a maximum weight of 2,500 kg.

The concrete pipe lifting sling corresponds to the pewag factory standard and may be used in a three-leg chain sling with an inclination angle of up to 30°. For safety reasons, the grippers must not be used for diagonal pull. The maximum operating temperature is 100°C.

A full operating manual provides information on all features and areas of application.


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Tableau des spécifications

BRG Concrete pipe lifting sling Code / Type Leg length
Load capacity up to 30°
Up to tube diameter
Measurement Image
Universal concrete pipe lifting sling
WIN 7 400 III AW-BRG1500 1.500 2.500 1.300 32,80
WIN 7 400 III AW-BRG1500 Unilock 1.500 2.500 1.300 33,50
WIN 7 400 III AW-BRG2000 2.000 2.500 1.800 34,68
WIN 7 400 III AW-BRG2000 Unilock 2.000 2.500 1.800 35,20
Universal chain sling with shortening hook
WIN 7 400 III VXKW-BG 2000 2.000 2.500 1.800 38,89
WIN 7 400 III VXKW-BG 2500 2.500 2.500 2.300 39,47
Customs lengths are available upon request!

Note: BRG assemblies are also available with pewag winner 200 chain.
Order example: WIN 7 200 II AW-BRG 1500